Questions & Answers

About Tselana Travel

What is Tselana Travel?

Tselana Travel is a travel agency specialized in bespoke and luxury travels.
We have chosen not to edit a brochure and not to offer any “pre-made” trips.
Our consultants create, for each customer, after a long listening process, a tailor-made trip that matches its expectations and tastes.
Our knowledge of the destinations and our trustful relationships that we have been building and strengthening with our partners for 10 years, enable us to anticipate our customers’ expectations and to personalize the service they will be getting during their trip.

Where does the Tselana Travel name come from?

Tselana, in the Tswana dialect, the principal langage of Botswana in Southern Africa, means the path (in the bush) but also “the path that people follow in their life”.
We have chosen that name for its double meaning but also in memory of our years on that continent that is particularly important to us and that was the starting point of this adventure.

For how long has Tselana Travel existed for?

Tselana Travel was created end 2003.

Are you open on week-ends?

Our offices are open from Monday to Friday between 10am and 7pm.
We are open on Saturday upon appointment only.

Are you reachable at any time?

For any information or trip request our consultants are available from Monday to Friday between 10am and 7pm and Saturday upon appointment.
However we have an emergency service for our customers 24/7. A cell phone number and an emergency email are given to them within their final documents.

How do you choose products, destinations, hotels, services… that you offer to your customers?

An unlimited passion for discovery and diversity, 10 years’ experience, 20 fam trips per year, a long research process, explorations and visits, the participation to luxury tourism fair trades, enable us to find new products, to strengthen our offers and partnerships in order to offer unique experiences to our customers.

What happens in the case of a problem or a difficulty?

A travel agency is also an “insurance company”. We are present 24h a day and 7 days a week to handle any emergency, problem or difficulty that our customers could have during their trip.
It is one of the fundamental differences with websites, most tourism professionals and Tselana Travel. Beyond listening and personalized advice that are given and the creation of tailored itineraries, we are always available to ensure that everything is going fine during the trip and to step in immediately in case of a difficulty, that may be minor or major.

What makes you different from other agencies?

The differences are numerous. No brochures, to “pre-made” itineraries, no group trips or no fixed departure dates but total flexibility.
Our trips and advice are the result of years of experience and many fam trips for our team (26 ones in 2012).
A particular care is brought to each itinerary: choice of the airline, accommodation, order of the stopovers, choice of the guides, excursion and visit suggestions… so that nothing is left to chance a part from a beautiful encounter or an unsuspected emotion.
We do not hesitate to adapt to the request, or to suggest changes that we would judge wise and in adequacy with the travelers’ personality.
At last we are available 24h/24h and 7/7 in case of an emergency.

Do you have a brochure?

No, we consider that a brochure if often counterproductive within the idea that we have of tailored travelling.
We wish, on the one hand, to keep our independence and the chance to remove from our production, or on the contrary to add, a hotel or a destination without having to wait for the next publication.
We do not wish, on the other hand, to give a rate that is subject to many factors that can generate frustration and a lack of understanding in the case of an increase.
We try to build and create unique experiences that answer to the expectations and desires of each of our customers that are inevitably unique!

About our services

Which services do you provide to your clients before their trip?

The most important and complicated is the long listening process to understand the expectations and tastes that will then enable us to bring the right piece of advice and to anticipate the desires.
It is the organization of the administrative formalities such as the necessary visas or the complimentary transfers between the home and airport.
It is the booking of theater, opera seats, and entrances to exhibitions or a table in a gastronomical restaurant…
Anything that can facilitate the trip is anticipated and suggested.
It is also a reception room to take the time to meet and listen to our customers with a cup of coffee or a champagne glass.

Which services do you provide to your clients during their trip?

It is a multitude of small attentions that we are not able to reveal here but that we will let our customers discover.
One certainty: the discreet follow-up all along the trip to ensure that everything is going well.

Which services do you provide to your clients after their trip?

We always contact our customers at the return from their trips to collect their impressions, good or bad ones, that will enable us to progressively know them better and correct what maybe wasn’t as they hoped.
Their comments, good or bad, are passed on to all our partners, so that we can all continue improving together.
The follow-up of a claim (in the case of a flight delay or the loss of baggage for example), is also done by the agency to avoid the inconvenience of the long and complicated procedures for the customer.

About the trip

Why use a travel agency?

For the listening and advice but also for the security.
A travel agency is a concentration of hundreds of trips and knowledge for the customer.
It is also a guarantee of a permanent follow-up before, during and after the trip.

Will we pay more by using a travel agency rather than contacting the hotels directly?

No. A serious travel agency does not put forward more expensive rates than those offered by the hotel.
But a trip is much more than an addition of hotel rooms.
A travel agency listens, gives advice and uses its experience.
It is also a lot of work and all of it has a price: some fees can be charged according to the complexity of the demand and the time spent.

Is it cheaper to go through internet?

Normally it should not be but we invite you to read precisely the rates given on internet when you make a comparison: room category, inclusion or exclusions of taxes, breakfasts…
Nevertheless sometimes it can happen that the price of a hotel room is cheaper on internet than the one given by an agency because the hotel gives a special offer only applied on a reservation through internet.
Never forget that internet does not offer tailored service and advice!
Last but not least, internet will not have a dedicated person to speak to H24 and 7/7 in the case of an emergency or difficulty.

Why charge fees?

– Because a travel agency, like any entity, must earn money to pay the salaries, its rent and the fam trips that are essential for advice and are part of our added value.
– Because building a trip as we offer asks many propositions and many hours of work.
– To judge of the seriousness of requests: a person who asks an estimate for 15 circuits on the 5 continents must accept to pay for the hours spent working (that has already happened to us!).
– Because the fees can be deducted as soon as the trip is confirmed.

We have not put into practice these fees yet, that are common for the anglo-saxons and that would be a nice recognition of our know-how, but we are seriously thinking about it from the 3rd estimate!

About the website

Why a "Destinations" and "Travel Ideas" section?

We offer two separate sections following requests of our customers.
Some have a precise idea of the trip they wish to do and only need advice on the accommodation, visits, excursions / unique encounters.
Others can on the contrary have specific travel ideas for their trip (golf, cruise, safari, desert, glacier or spa) but without a specific idea of the destination.
Those two sections give the opportunity to everybody to find the beginning of an answer to its travel wishes!
We will then be there for a more in-depth research.

Why aren’t there any rates on our website?

It is a deliberate choice. As we only work on tailored travelling, it does not seem necessary to put prices “starting from” that will not reflect the final rate of the estimate, as it will vary according to the airline class, the departure date and the season, the room or suite category, the complexity of the circuits, of the quality of the guides and excursions…

Why a "Press" section?

Tselana Travel is in regular contact with the media, who also trust us to suggest new destinations / hotels and for who we often organize trips around the world.
So we put forward all our articles published in the press among a dedicated section so that the internet users, future or faithful customers can view them. It is also a different way of finding a dream destination!