Tselana Travel, a love story

Tselana Travel, “pathway” in the Tswana dialect, was created in 2003 by three people who shared a passion for travel and for discovering the unspoiled open spaces of Southern Africa.

Based in Paris, it organizes trips that avoid crowded mass tourism routes to offer a different way to discover the diversity of Africa preserved, the enchanting islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, South America’s sublime beauty, the culture landmarks of Europe or intoxicating Asia.

Marie-Louise Moineau, the company’s creator, has directed Tselana Travel with passion since its inception. She and her team welcome you in their offices in Paris.

Marie-Louise Moineau, a women with passion

Marie-Louise was destined to live a life of travel and discovery: every year her Lebanese parents, inspired by their passion for novelty, open spaces, and unknown cultures, would carry her away for three months of adventure.

Marie-Louise, graduated in Political Science (IEP Paris), accompanied her husband to South Africa where she discovered the wonders of the African wild and spent two years as Operation Manager for the South African tour operator Echoes of Africa.

Back in France, she created and now directs Tselana Travel, an agency specialised in made-to-order trips based in Paris since 2003.

A lover of elegance and beautiful things who has fallen under the spell of Africa’s great open spaces, Marie-Louise creates unique and refined trips for her clients.

This accomplished woman successfully manages family life and her company, remaining passionate about her work and sparing no effort to imagine and carry out trips that meet the client’s expectations.

Our philosophy


“There is nothing more beautiful than the moment before the voyage” M. Kundera

We want to hear about your travel dreams. The places you’ve always hoped to visit. About which destinations intrigue you. About any worries you might have when you’re on the road. Our team loves to travel.
They love exploring and discovering the perfect trip. They want to hear about your travel dreams but might just inspire you with some ideas of their own.


“Like everything worthwhile in life, a beautiful trip is a work of art” A. Suarès

Leave this to us. We will put together ideas and itineraries for the perfect trip unique to you.
If you dive but he sails, we’ll seek out today’s hottest spot. If you want to ski and the kids want to swim, we can do that too. If you adore penguins and she loves lions, we might just pull that off as well.


“The traveller is still the most important part of a trip” A. Suarès

We’ll leave this to you. Whether you are taking off for a change of pace or a change of scene, we will pave the way for your ultimate escape.
Let us help you live out your travel dreams.

Our concept


Because “there is nothing more beautiful than the moment before the voyage, the moment when tomorrow’s horizon comes to visit us and tell us its promises” (Milan Kundera), Tselana believes in the importance of listening and good advice.
Our extensive knowledge of tried and approved destinations allows you to set out with a wider understanding of the places you will visit, how to avoid tourist traps, and how to choose the most appropriate itinerary for your needs.


Because “like everything worthwhile in life, a beautiful trip is a work of art” (André Suares), because every trip is unique, Tselana carefully crafts made-to-order trips to meet the expectations of a demanding clientele.
Magical destinations, impeccable service and refined accommodations are the priorities for this company that aims to go beyond the status of luxury tourism operator to become, like Hermès or Berluti, a byword in the prestigious world of luxury “artisans”.


Because “the traveller is still the most important part of a trip” (André Suares), Tselana endeavours to fulfil your desires, whatever their nature: private conveyance in limousine, airplane or helicopter; safaris in open SUVs, on horseback or atop an elephant; gourmet meals served in spectacular settings amid Patagonian glaciers, in the African bush, or on an idyllic beach. We offer the choice of the best rooms in exclusive hotels as well as the possibility of local babysitters or tickets for cultural events, all organized before you depart.
By guaranteeing discreet, efficient coverage that is at once complete and flexible, Tselana will allow you to enjoy the magic of each moment to the fullest without being bothered by material considerations.