Patagonia, Chile


Patagonia, Chile

Remota is located in Puerto Natales, the geographical and cultural centre of Chilean Patagonia, 250km or a three hours drive from Punta Arenas on an asphalt road. Punta Arenas is the last city to the South of Chile, a four hour flight from the capital, Santiago. A hotel so distant from the city, that it is immersed in nature and the culture of a remote and untouched place, but yet so close to the comfort to which the city has got us used to, that it may also offer some essential luxury, so that going out for a walk may be a pleasure all year round, and not an epic victory. The hotel’s architecture is an invitation to stop and meditate on the trip’s experience, in the splendour of the remote, at a site that is characteristic of Magallanes, inspired on the haciendas’ architecture, not that of their houses, of British origin, slightly isolated, but that of the warehouses. Inside there are, for example, some open fires, lit and with no exhaust system. . . all is made to lead a life in Patagonia just as it should be, but this time not in an shearing house, but in a enjoyable and luxurious one.
Accommodation : Remota offers 72 spacious double rooms, 32m2 each, including a private bath. Every room may add an optional bed for a child up to 12 years old. Amenities : – Music and movies. – Talks on Patagonian nature and culture. – Bonfires. – Bar. – Gift shop. – Leisure space to talk, read, or just enjoy your time.
Remota Chile

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